Beatles-Themed Wall Art

From the On The Scene Image Gallery Series

Title 1963

Face recognition not required to suss out which band this image portrays.  The guitars are the stars!  To all who grew up gazing in wonder at those unique fab guitars that played such a significant role in altering the course of popular music, you can be sure your space will be enhanced by making this wonderful instrument-heavy canvas print a part of it .  1963 is the first of an anticipated 6 On The Scene images.  This wall art will make the perfect decor for professional offices or studios, restaurants that have some pop culture flair going on or just that personal music room or studio at the house.

Posing in classic 1963 live concert lineup and donning those familiar grey suits, this modeled re-creation features, from left to right, the Hofner Cavern bass, the Gretsch Country Gentleman and a historically-accurate relic'd Rickenbacker 325(Right down to the crack on the pic guard!)  This was the guitar lineup and overall look that embodied the Beatles early professional live career.  1963 exemplifies that sparking point at which many first-generation fans began to develop their association with the band's image.